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About Us

We are a diverse and decentralized team of specialists, passionate about crafting AI-driven solutions for a range of complex problems. Our expertise spans Large Language Models like OpenAI, Vector Databases, AI Model development, and the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies to create user-friendly and efficient AI applications.

Are you looking to develop sophisticated AI-driven automation or chatbots to elevate your business operations?


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How we can help you?
How can we help you?

Tailoring AI to Elevate Your Business

Our company excels in creating advanced AI solutions, we focus on understanding your unique business challenges to provide custom AI solutions that improve and automate various processes.

Our services include building AI based solution using LLMs like Chatbots. These chatbots interact seamlessly with users, improving customer interactions and streamlining customer service. Integrating these chatbots boosts your operational efficiency and gives you a competitive edge.

We're committed to more than just technology. We ensure our AI solutions align with your business goals and deliver tangible, valuable results. We partner with you to make sure our AI not only innovates but also effectively contributes to your business success.

Process Automation Through AI

Employee Onboarding AI Agents

Conversation systems between AI agents to achieve goals

Summarize Large Data Sets

Autonomous Customer Service AI Agents

Our Work

We are leading AI in the World
AI for Developers
AI for Developers

We developed a Pair Programming tool for VSCode that has been downloaded more than 1MM times.

Today, we help programmers from over 180 countries to develop code faster, up to 100 times faster with our tools.

AI API for Developers

We created an API that simplifies the development of AI solutions in just a few minutes.

It is not necessary to have knowledge of vector databases, chunks, or LLMs, as great applications can be created with a simple API call.

AI Agents Manager
AI Agents Manager

We have developed a platform to create custom AI Agents with their own context and content that does not require programming.

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